TRIO Alumni

Read below to see what some of TRIO alumni have to say about the TCU TRIO programs and how the programs have made a difference in their lives.

Alvaro Sauceda
Staff Auditor, Darling International Inc.
Student Support Services TRIO Achiever 2009

“Growing up in a single parent household, I was always labeled as an “at risk” child; the label bore more weight because I was an only child to an immigrant, single mother. The term meant I was “at risk” for a life of trouble, with little hope of success, because of the lack of resources available in my neighborhood. SSS introduced me to other students and program alumni, who experienced similar upbringings and faced similar struggles. Their experiences along with the support SSS, gave me the confidence I needed to fulfill my dream of a college education and allowed me to never again think of myself as an “at risk” student.”

Dr. Billie Hara
PhD /Assistant Professor of English Texas A&M Corpus Christi
McNair TRIO Achiever 2009

“I lived in seven states and two countries before I was 25 years old. I learned to speak two languages. I held a number of paid and unpaid jobs in diverse fields. This life was fun and challenging until I had a child, a divorce, and a return home to the United States with skills that did not translate into more than minimum-wage jobs for someone with just a high school diploma. I returned to school when I was 30 years old. By becoming a McNair Scholar, I received and credit the TCU McNair Program for providing the support I needed, as a first generation college student, to succeed in an undergraduate degree program. The McNair Program also allowed me to begin to think that graduate school was a viable option for my life.”

Andrew Hayes-Stoker
Football Operations Offensive Coach Assistant, NFL’s Chicago Bears
Student Support Services and McNair TRIO Achiever 2009

“The McNair Program staff was patient with me in regard to my research project because I am such a procrastinator, but the experience helped me find my passion. The research I did for the McNair Program is what got me in the career field I am in today. My research addressed the few number of minority athletic directors in college football and helped me continue to stay motivated.”

Tomeika L. Kindred
Manager of Corridor Operations, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway
Upward Bound TRIO Achiever 2009

“While attending high school, I completed four years with the TCU Upward Bound Program. Following high school graduation, I attended summer school at Tarrant County College and transitioned in the fall of 1993 to Southern University A&M in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I continued my studies through distance learning at Amber University and obtained a Master of Science degree in Human Relations and Business. I attribute the Upward Bound Program for instilling in me the skills and motivation I needed to continue my education and career path.”

Christopher Villagran
Educational Technology Campus Specialist, F.W.I.S.D.
Upward Bound TRIO Achiever 2009

“The eldest of five children and of first generation American parents, I experienced the challenges and obstacles deeply ingrained in our low socio-economic communities. I wanted a more fulfilling life that that to which I was exposed. I would be subject to the patterns of self-defeating behavior. When I realized that ultimately I had to rely solely upon myself in order to achieve success. My teachers and counselors did not recognize my talents, but the TCU Upward Bound Program did and helped me to facilitate the passion I have for being an education.”